Why a Real Estate Answering Service Will Boost Your Business

The fast-paced nature of the real estate industry requires constant responsiveness to incoming calls.

Agents, realtors, investors, and others involved in the business spend a great deal of time on the phone talking to potential clients, sellers, buyers, other realtors, lawyers, home inspectors, and other parties. It’s critical to efficiently manage phone time.

Suppose you are a realtor currently showing a buyer around a house and you get a call from someone who is interested in selling their home. You can’t interrupt the tour because these buyers seem promising. On the other hand, if you don’t take this call, this potential seller will very likely try someone else rather than leave a voicemail and hope you call back.

Another scenario may have you running around a home investment agency with only one office phone. You head out to visit a home and potentially give the owner an offer, but while you’re gone, someone else calls your office requesting an inspection. It goes to voicemail, but at that point, they’ve hung up and dialed one of your competitors rather than be greeted by a machine.

These examples are the reason why a real estate phone answering service is valuable to industry professionals.

How Real Estate Answering Services Work

Real estate answering services are fairly straightforward in principle. Normally when you’re not able to take a call, it goes to a voicemail or answering machine. At that point, they may or may not leave a message.

With an answering service, rather than going to a voicemail or answering machine, callers are greeted by a live human being who can take a message on your behalf. You are then alerted to the call and the details are passed on to you, allowing you to call the person back.

The professional answering the phone can provide certain services for you, such as appointment scheduling or answering basic questions that the caller may ask. They can also filter out spam calls, reroute urgent matters to your cell phone, and provide additional assistance.

Benefits of Real Estate Answering Services

Naturally, these services can be highly beneficial to anyone working in real estate. The end result is increased clientele, streamlined operations, and a high ROI.

Advantages of a real estate answering service include the following:

Fast response times

Checking voice messages and returning calls can be time-consuming, but with a real estate answering service, this doesn’t have to be the case.

You’ll get a brief message (either by text, email, or even pager) about the call, allowing you to respond to time-sensitive calls more quickly rather than listening through several minutes of audio.

Cut the fluff

To further expedite the process of handling incoming calls, a real estate answering service acts as a filter that weeds out unnecessary calls.

This means you don’t have to spend time answering prank calls, listening to sales voice messages from vendors, or talking to people who aren’t actually going to go anywhere.

You get more time to focus on buying or selling homes, negotiating contracts, or handling other business-related situations.

Retain sellers

When someone calls to hire you to sell their home, there is a good chance that they are considering other possibilities as well. In these cases, the task of selling the home can easily fall upon whoever happens to answer the phone first.

A real estate answering service can prevent a potential client from moving on to your competitors by handling appointment setting or answering their questions. If nothing else, the act of speaking with a live human being will make it more likely that they’ll be awaiting your call back.

Improve odds of a good sale

Just as it assists you in gaining more sellers, a real estate answering service can help you sell a home more quickly, likely at a more favorable price.

Buyers who call with inquiries on a property want to talk to you, and if they get an answering machine, they could move on to someone else. If they feel they have someone on the other end who can help them, even if it’s just by passing on a message, then you’ll be able to add them to your list of prospective buyers.

More affordable

Phone answering services are much like having a dedicated receptionist, but it’s far less expensive. You don’t have to pay an annual salary or benefits, nor do you have to provide equipment or training for an office employee.

Instead, you pay a monthly fee, often as low as $100, depending on the amount of traffic.

Customized solutions

One final benefit of a real estate answering service is the amount of flexibility that’s available.

These services are highly scalable, and they can be as involved or as basic as your needs require. Whether you want someone to handle an occasional call outside of normal work hours or a more complex service to manage larger volumes of excess traffic during the day, phone answering services can be tailored to match your specific requirements.

Types of Real Estate Answering Services

Real estate answering services are adaptable and come in various forms. There are two primary ways they can be utilized:

After Hours

Calls after normal working hours are just as important as those you’d receive while in the office or out helping buyers and sellers. However, most people who call during these hours don’t want to talk to a machine.

After hours answering services make sure callers have a live person to help them when they reach out during non-business hours.

Call Overflow

If you receive more calls than you can get to during the day, call overflow can handle the excess traffic.

A real estate answering service can be set up either to reroute calls from your normal line during busy hours, or you can have it in place as a more consistent solution, thereby filtering out less urgent calls during your workday.

Customized Real Estate Answering Service

Additional services, such as a virtual receptionist, appointment setting, voicemail prescreening, virtual phone systems, along with others can be used to optimize a real estate answering service to your situation.

These solutions can help you better serve buyers, sellers, and other parties, ultimately making you more effective in the real estate sector and improving the profitability of your business.

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