5 Critical Answering Services for Real Estate Agencies

Answering Services for the Real Estate Industry
Anyone in real estate is well aware of how much time is spent on the phone. Appointments with buyers, sellers, agents, lawyers, home inspectors, and many others need to be set, and follow-up calls are frequently necessary in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Although it’s an inevitable factor to working in real estate, phone time detracts from overall productivity.

Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone. Several of these can be obtained through real estate phone answering services.

5 Critical Answering Services for Real Estate Agencies

Phone answering services are designed to diminish the burdens upon real estate agents, and others in the industry, so you can spend more time actually meeting with clients.

Read on to find out about phone answering services for real estate.

1. After Hours Answering Services

The workday is only but so long, and you can only spend so much time at the office.

The truth is that people will still call while you’re out, and if they are only greeted by an answering machine, they are less likely to try contacting you again. Callers want pressing questions answered promptly, and it can be frustrating to be sent straight to voicemail.

After hours answering services handle those calls by putting callers in touch with a live human being. Professional agents can help the caller, answer basic questions, or send you a notification message.

After hours answering services build client retention and help drive business, even while you’re out of the office for the day.

2. Call Overflow

With the amount of time you spend on the phone, it’s very likely that you’ll have more phone traffic than you can handle, especially during peak hours.

At the very least, those who call while you’re already on the phone will end up waiting until you’re done before you get back to them. At the very worst, you may lose clientele.

Call overflow services handle excess phone traffic in order to improve customer service and ensure a better experience for callers. Call overflow can be handled in two ways:

  • Professional agents can field calls, sifting out frivolous or non-urgent matters, before they reach you.
  • Excess phone traffic can be rerouted to a call center while you’re on the line.

The end result is ultimately less time wasted on unnecessary calls and lower wait times for those whose calls truly matter. You’re also better equipped to return calls as needed.

3. Virtual Receptionist

Many real estate businesses hire a receptionist in order to handle the bulk of their phone traffic, but between wages, break hours, taxes, hiring, and training, it can get expensive quickly.

On top of that, an in-office receptionist may be underutilized during off-peak hours, effectively decreasing the overall efficiency of that investment.

A far less expensive solution is a virtual receptionist. This service uses dedicated receptionists who operate outside your office and take calls on your behalf. Whenever someone calls your office phone (or any other phone you desire), they are greeted by a live person.

Breaks, downtimes, and other time-related problems are a non-issue since there is always someone available to answer the phone.

4. Appointment Setting

Much of the time realtors spend on the phone involves setting and following up on appointments. Fortunately, this can be handled through appointment setting services so you can meet with more people, sell more homes and negotiate more sales.

With appointment setting and schedule management services, those who call you during busy or off hours can set a time on your calendar with a live agent. The agent then puts that appointment on your schedule and notifies you.

For additional efficiency, appointment reminder services can also be used. Rather than taking time out of your workday to contact and verify appointments, you can rely on a third party. They take care of rescheduling if someone calls to cancel, thereby preventing you from wasting time preparing for no-shows.

Scheduling can be handled for multiple people in your business, and depending on the scheduling software you use, appointments can synchronize with your phone calendar, keeping everything close at hand.

5. Virtual Phone System

If you need in-house telephony, an efficient option is a virtual phone system. These services cost less than a physical phone line, and they interface very well with other phone answering services.

Additionally, they offer a more established and polished look to your office, making it highly likely that potential clients will have a positive experience when they call you.




Benefits of Real Estate Phone Answering Services

Whether you’re an independent realtor or part of a real estate agency, the benefits of phone answering services are numerous.

Advantages of phone answering services for real estate include:

  • Reduced time on the phone
  • Enhanced productivity in the field
  • Greater client retention
  • Streamlined in-house costs
  • Improved ROI
  • Better customer experience

Keener Communications can help you benefit from phone answering services with a custom suite of solutions for your business. Contact us today to get started.