Virtual Receptionist

Let Keener’s Virtual Receptionist Service Answer Your Calls!

virtual receptionist serviceOur virtual receptionist service helps you to provide a better customer service for your callers while keeping your overhead low. Rather than paying, equipping, and managing an additional employee in your office, you can rely on the resources provided through our phone answering services.

One of our virtual receptionists is always available to take on your incoming calls, providing consistent quality service while also cutting down on employment-related expenses.

Hiring a receptionist to answer your phones has drawbacks. By hiring Keener Communications, you’ll get a team virtual receptionists who are trained to work seamlessly with your business. Your callers will feel like they’re on the phone with someone right there in your office.

Benefits of Virtual Receptionists Vs. Hiring Employees

It’s less costly

An in-house receptionist has a salary, benefits, etc. that you must pay. In addition, they need the right equipment in order to do their job, including a phone, desk, computer, and so forth. Purchasing and maintaining this equipment only adds to your bill, whereas a virtual receptionist requires none of this. With a single fee, you avoid the various expenses associated with employing yet another person in your office.

Tax deductible expense instead of payroll taxes

In addition to reducing the personnel-related expenses in your office, you also get tax benefits as well. Normally, employing a receptionist on your own would mean payroll taxes. You can’t write the person off as a business expense. On the other hand, a virtual receptionist isn’t an employee at all. Instead, you’re paying money for an outside service, which counts as a business expense that can be written off on your taxes.

Great service 24X7 (not just when that person is working)

In-house receptionists are often underutilized. While you need someone there to answer the phone, there are often points during the day when your receptionist won’t have much to do. In addition, employment laws mandate that employees be given breaks during the day, which means more time lost when the phone isn’t being attended to.

Also, your receptionist is only human. People get sick, surf the web, check up on social media during downtimes, etc. Your virtual receptionist, on the other hand, doesn’t pose that problem at all.

While the individual (or individuals) who answers the phone through our virtual receptionist services is a human being (which is necessary to providing good service to your customers), the nature of the service prevents that from getting in the way of efficiency. They are there to answer the phone as needed, but you’re not paying them for the times when your office’s phone is quiet.

Also, they are not limited to your business hours. A virtual receptionist is available 24/7, which means callers will never again find themselves routed to an answering machine when they contact your office phone.

Accept simultaneous calls without sacrificing service

By the very nature of our virtual receptionist services, you’re not limited to the one person in your office. Instead, we can adapt to the volume of calls you have during busy periods in the day and provide someone to answer each person who dials your number. That way, people don’t have to wait as they’re put on hold, ultimately improving their experience with your business and making them more likely to come back.

Avoid the headache of managing more people

In the end, it’s easier to have a virtual receptionist than a physical one in your office simply because you don’t have to manage yet another person. This means the headaches of dealing with difficult employees, managing employment schedules, and handling issues are reduced, ultimately decreasing the stress your managerial staff have to go through and potentially creating a healthier working environment.

Does virtual receptionist mean that my calls won’t be answered live?

No. Virtual receptionist means that instead of hiring a receptionist to work in your office, you can utilize our virtual receptionist service to answer your calls with a live person, then either transfer the calls directly to you or your staff or take a message and email/or text the message to you.

We can transfer calls directly through to you and your staff or if you’re not available, take a message and deliver it via text message or email.  The goal of our virtual receptionist service is to be an extension of your company and make a strong impression on your clients and callers.

Get More from Your Business with Virtual Receptionists Today

Leveraging a virtual receptionist service will help unlock more potential in your business. Whether you just want it for the cost savings and HR benefits or you plan to use it grow, virtual receptionists are a great tool for getting more from your business.
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