Lead Capture For Your Direct Response Advertising

Direct Response Call Center and Lead Capture are two business solutions where we thrive! When you put out an advertisement, your goal is to get the right target audience to contact you so that you can sell them your product or service.  Once you’ve gotten that prospect to take a chance and call you, it’s critical that you have someone ready to answer the phone!

In fact, according to multiple studies by Consumer Reports, not having a human answer the phone is one of the most prominent gripes among American consumers.  If you don’t have someone answering the phone, that prospect will lose trust in your company and call your competitor.

Keener Communications can provide a live person who will answer your calls professionally to give you the best opportunity to close the sale.  We’ll even process orders for you or set an appointment with a sales person.  With your help, we’ll custom build scripting tools to maximize sales opportunities.

Lead Capture FAQ

Q:  How will I know when a lead has called?
A:  Each time a lead calls for a product or service that you are selling, we will either attempt to transfer them directly to your sales team or collect their contact information and any other pertinent information, then deliver it to you via text message or email.

Q:  Can your call center agents screen my leads?
A:  Yes.  We will screen out your leads based on a predetermined set of criteria which you will provide to us.

Q:  Can different types of leads be delivered to different people based on the nature of the lead?
A:  Yes.  Our call center reps will answer one or more qualifying questions and based on the caller’s answer, we will route that lead to the appropriate person in your company.