We Provide Business Phone Answering Services

Appointment Setting

Q:  Do you provide the appointment scheduling software or do I?
A:  If you have a web-based appointment scheduling software, then we would access that so that appointments aren’t double booked.  If you don’t already have one, we can provide you with one or recommend a platform for you.

Q:  Can you set appointments for multiple people in my office?
A:  Yes.  We can manage multiple calendars and set appointments based on your criteria.

Q:  How will I know when your answering service reps have set an appointment?
A:  Depending on the calendar application that you use, you should receive an email notification when an appointment has been booked and you will see it on your calendar.

Q:  When your answering service reps book an appointment, will the appointments synchronize to my phone?
A:  Yes.  The calendar applications that we recommend will sync with your smart phone and/or any other calendar application that you use.

Emergency Message Dispatching

Q:  How will you ensure that I am reached in the event of an emergency?
A:  Based on your instructions, we’ll send you a message as soon as we hang up with the caller.  Then we’ll setup an “action” which will prompt our agents to follow the secondary reaching instructions after a certain amount of time if you haven’t responded to the first message.

Q:  Can your answering service agents call multiple people until someone answers and they give out the message?
A:  Yes.  We can call multiple people within your company and either set time frames in between each call or call down a list until someone answers?

Appointment Reminders

Q:  How would your call center agents know who to call and when to remind them of an appointment?
A:  You would either upload a database which our call center agents would access or send a database to us so that we can program it into our system.

Q:  Will your call center agents leave a voicemail with appointment details if they don’t reach the intended recipient?
A:  Depending on your instructions, we will either leave a voicemail with the appointment details or we will ask the caller to call us back.

Q:  What if the person wants to cancel the appointment or needs to reschedule?
A:  Our staff will either reschedule the appointment for you, send you a message notifying you of the cancellation, or patch the caller back to your office to speak with you or your staff.

Order Processing

Q:  How will you process orders for my company?
A:  Our call center agents can login to your website to submit orders for you and/or your fulfillment house.

Q:  Can you take payment information?
A:  Yes, we can securely accept payment information.

Q:  Are your call center reps provided incentives to close a sale?
A:  Our call center agents are incentivized to provide great customer service for your account.  However, we do not provide commissions based on how many sales they close.

Technical Support

Q:  Can your call center reps provide help desk support?
A:  Yes.  Depending on your account and call volume, we can provide everything from basic tier 1 tech support to more comprehensive resolution services.

Q:  Can your call center reps escalate issues to my staff?
A:  Yes.  If there is an issue we can’t fix, we’ll escalate the call to someone in your office based on our instructions.

Q:  Can you provide email support?
A:  Yes.  We can provide email support for those customers who don’t want to call.

Q:  Can your reps provide support using an instant message application?
A:  Yes.

Clinical Trial Pre-Qualification

Q:  Is your company HIPAA compliant?
A:  Yes.  We are HIPAA compliant and have plenty of experience in doing clinical trial pre-qualification screening.

Work Order Management

Have your work orders managed and documented properly so that you know the job was completed properly.  Our call center reps will follow a series of protocols to follow up with your staff and track exactly where in the process each work order is.

Customer Service Check-In Calls

Do you want to engage your customers more regularly, but don’t have the time?  Keener Communications can call your customers and ask survey questions so that you have up-to-date information.  If a customer is upset, we can connect them to you directly so you can sort things out.

Anonymous Tip Line

If you need to have people call in to an unbiased third party to report fraud or abuse, an anonymous tip line from Keener Communications is your answer.  It’s confidential, secure, and convenient.

Virtual Phone System

Do you want the same benefits of a state of the art phone system but for a low monthly fee ($15-$50)?  Keener Communications can provide you with a virtual office phone system that makes your company more efficient, more organized and look more established.  It can interface with your live answer account at Keener too!  For more information, call us at 804-200-5696 or visit www.mercuryfon.com.

Voicemail with Email Delivery in MP3 format

Through our virtual phone system, you can setup voicemail and instead of checking your messages all the time, you can have them emailed to you in an MP3 file.  You can also receive a text message notification every time someone leaves you a message.  For more information, call us at 804-200-5696 or visit www.mercuryfon.com.