Emergency Phone Answering Service

It’s important to know that your Emergency Answering Service will always be there to take your calls, especially in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency when you need us most.
We have a comprehensive disaster preparedness and business continuity strategy:
All of our equipment is co-located at a data center that is less than 50 feet from a Verizon Central Office. This data center has:

    • 2 redundant generators with a 20-day supply of fuel
    • Triple redundant HVAC units
    • Diverse path ISDN PRI circuits.

Our Emergency Answering Service is dependable under any conditions!

Our building also has an emergency generator which automatically turns on if power to the building is cut off. We have 3 major carriers for our telephony and data which fail over to each other as well as different types of phone and data lines (T1, PRI, BRI, fiber, etc.).
All of our servers have a redundant corresponding server to ensure continuity of service.
We have remote capabilities so that if something were to happen to our physical office space, all we would need is an internet connection to begin answering phones somewhere else.