Home Service Contractor Phone Answering Service

We offer the most value in small business answering service available on the market today!

40-70% of first time buyers will not call back or leave a message if their call isn’t answered the first time they call about a product or service.

Whether you’re a deck builder, a roofer or any other home service contractor, you probably put a lot of time and money into marketing to get people to call you.  Let us make sure that those calls are being answered promptly and professionally.

Plumbing Answering Service

As a company that provides plumbing services, your clients’ business or home could be destroyed if you don’t respond to an emergency call.  Keener Communications will ensure that your client’s call is answered and the appropriate on-call personnel are reached immediately.

HVAC Answering Service

When one of your warranty clients has their heat go out in the dead of winter, you want to make good on your promise to take care of them.  But answering non-emergency calls can be a pain.  Keener will help you by answering all your calls so your clients get great service and only reach you with the emergencies.

Lawn Care Answering Service

You’re out on the job cutting your client’s lawns and running a crew to get the job done right and somebody calls. Did you miss the perfect opportunity to grow your business further? Keener will help answer calls you can’t get to so that your clients get the service they expect.

Keener Vs. Forwarding to a Cell Phone:

Can your customers get in touch with you after hours?  What if your cell phone is dead or your on-call tech leaves his in the car?

Keener can take ALL of your calls after hours to ensure your customers deal with you and not your competition.  We’ll screen out the non-emergency calls and only reach you or your staff with the calls that you want.

Key benefits are:

  • Exceptional service for your customers
  • Capturing more leads so they don’t call your competition
  • Documentation of every call so you can hold your on-call staff accountable

Why do I need an answering service for my home services company?

Most home owners won’t see your ad until they come home from work in the evenings.  By that time, you’re already gone.  If they call your company and don’t get a live answer, there’s a good chance that they will call the next company in their online search or direct mail coupon packet.

Also, your current customers may have an emergency that needs to be addressed.  You need someone to answer that call and dispatch it to your on-call technician.

How do I get my calls to come to your answering service?  Do I have to forward my phones to you 24X7 or just after-hours?  Does Keener Communications provide a phone number for me?

Depending on the needs of your business, you can setup your call forwarding in several ways:

  1. Forward your phones to the answering service when you leave for the day so we can take all your after-hours calls.
  2. Setup overflow routing with your phone service provider so that if you can’t answer your phones during the day, they route to our answering service and we can answer them for you.
  3. Setup overflow routing during the day and forward directly to our answering service when you leave for the day so your clients don’t hear extra ringing before their call is answered at Keener Communications.
  4. Keener can provide a toll-free and/or local number for you. 

How much will a live answering service cost my HVAC or plumbing company?

All businesses are different and the cost of having an answering service depends on what you’re looking for.  Our clients pay an average of $400 per billing period.  But, we have clients who pay less than $100 and clients who pay a lot more.  As an answering service, we basically deal in labor and therefore bill for ‘agent work time’.  So, there are two main factors that will determine your costs.  The first is your call volume.  Obviously, the more calls we take, the more it will cost.  The second factor is the scope of work.  We can simply take a message and text or email it to you or we can provide a much more comprehensive solution depending on what you’re looking for.

What other types of answering services might help my plumbing or HVAC company?

Some of the services we provide today were developed through back and forth question and answer sessions with clients who had a unique problem.  If you have questions about how we can help your business, please ask and we may be able to develop a customized solution just for you.  Our most common services for plumbing and HVAC contractors are emergency message dispatching, appointment setting, lead capture, and virtual receptionist. Learn more about the services we provide