Custom After Hours Answering Services For Pulmonary Specialists

With patients in and out, medical records floating around, and phones ringing, it’s vital to your pulmonary practice that you don’t miss a beat during the work day. Even if your daytime operations run like clockwork, you could be missing opportunities and even putting patients at risk by not having a comprehensive after hours phone system.

That’s where Keener’s Phone Answering Services come in. We provide the screening tools you need to make sure your phones are always answered and no patient is ever left hanging.

How does third party phone answering work?

Keener’s phone answering services offer the ability to route certain types of calls to certain types of people. Urgent calls are routed to your doctors, while non-urgent calls can be routed to operators or a voicemail. Call routing can even be set to change depending on the day and time people are calling.

A phone answering service that does more than just answer phones

With Keener, you get more than just a tool for answering and routing phone calls. One of the many benefits of our third-party answering services is that phone calls get recorded. That gives you the ability to go back and check calls you think may have been recorded inaccurately or incomplete if you’re ever in doubt.

With HIPAA compliant secure messaging, your office can receive all the detailed information they need and can even communicate back to our agents via text so they don’t have to waste time calling us if they don’t want to.

“Our practice had numerous problems with the previous answering service.  Since changing over to Keener Communications over 10 years ago, we have had smooth operations.  I would heartily recommend Keener to any physician group.”

– Practice Administrator, 26-doctor specialty practice, Richmond, VA

Why do I need an answering service for my gastroenterology practice?

Having an answering service for your pulmonology practice is critical.  Forcing your patients to leave a message on a voicemail is simply bad service. Customers hate talking to a machine and they oftentimes will hang up. Instead, your patients want to talk to real people. Depending on your needs, we can set up a voicemail front to screen out non-emergency calls or our live agents can screen them. Your office will only be reached with truly urgent calls.

How do I get my calls to your answering service?  Do I have to forward my phones to you 24/7 or just after-hours?  Does Keener Communications provide a phone number for me?

Depending on the needs of your practice, you can setup call forwarding in several ways:

  • Forward your phones to the answering service when you leave for the day so we can take all your after-hours calls.
  • Setup overflow routing with your phone service provider so they route to our answering service when you can’t answer your phones during the day.
  • Setup overflow routing during the day to make sure no calls go unanswered
  • Forward calls directly to our answering service after-hours so your patients don’t hear extra ringing before their call is answered at Keener Communications.
  • Keener can provide a toll-free and/or local number for you

How much will I pay for live 24/7 phone answering service?

All practices are different and the cost of having an answering service depends on what you’re looking for. We have clients who pay less than $100 and clients who pay more.

Get a Free Estimate for your pulmonology practice with our no-hassle quote requestform.

As an third party answering service, we deal in labor and bill for ‘agent work time’. There are two main factors that will determine your costs:

1. Call volume.  The more calls we take, the more it will cost.

2. The scope of work.  We can simply take a message and text it to you or we can provide a much more comprehensive solution depending on what you’re looking for.  

We encourage all of our medical practices to use our HIPAA compliant Secure Messaging application, so we can send you PHI.

Phone Answering Service Free Quote - Keener Communications

What phone answering services are best for pulmonology specialists?

Some of the services we provide today were developed through back-and-forth Q&A with clients who had unique problems. If you have questions about how we can help your practice, please ask so we can develop a customized solution just for you.

Our most common services for pulmonologists are emergency message dispatching, appointment setting, and appointment reminders. For a complete list of services we provide medical practices, review the services we provide.

For more information on how Keener’s Phone Answering Services can help your gastroenterology practice thrive, contact us at (877) 527-8680.