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Home Health Care Solutions to Improve Productivity and Profitability

The home health care industry requires a high degree of both urgency and sensitivity. Your customers depend on you to be there for them and to provide help quickly when needed. At the same time, you’re expected to be able to handle situations delicately.

Any hiccups in your ability to communicate with customers or provide proper personnel can interfere with how well you provide the best home health care services. Keener can help you become more reliable, more equipped to act quickly, and therefore more productive and profitable.

We Work With Personal Care and Hospice Care Providers

No matter what type of in-home or assisted living service you provide, Keener has the experience to make you more efficient. You’ll get a customized solution that fits the needs of your business, whether that means virtual receptionist services, emergency on-call services, or a combination of several services.

Learn More About the Services Specific To Your Business

What makes Keener different?

  • Skilled and Unskilled Agencies– We have experience managing situations that require unskilled (companion and personal care) and skilled (medical care) employees. We know when a job will call for a certain type of worker and we’ll help you fill that role quickly to keep your business going.
  • We work with Both Private Pay and CMS Agencies– Whether you are strictly private pay or you work with Medicare and Medicaid clients, we have the experience required to best assist your clients. Having to deal with third-parties, like Medicare and Medicaid, can become confusing and difficult when things are running smoothly. We have experience working with both agencies and we’re familiar with the added steps when dealing with them and how to manage the process efficiently.
  • We work with Assisted Living Placement – Home health care services are oftentimes about being able to manage transitions. The move into assisted living can be difficult for the customers but also for your business. Keener understands what the process requires and how to manage it so everything goes smoothly.

How Do We Help Your Home Healthcare Business Become More Productive & Profitable?

Here are the most common problems home health care professionals face that limit their ability to operate at their highest capacity:

  • Long ring times and hold times for customers
  • Wrong information is provided to your staff, which decreases efficiency and can cause privacy risks
  • Ability to quickly differentiate between the demand for different types of employees (ex: skilled nurse vs. unskilled companion)
  • Lack of ability to handle sensitive situations, such as death, appropriately and efficiently

Find out how Keener can improve your home health care business now.


Home Health Care Call Center and Answering Services

Home Health Care Call Center

Whether you provide companion services, personal care, or skilled care, Keener can help you manage your overbearing after-hours phone calls. Just think: Those calls could include a new private duty case that makes your quarter. Or, a caregiver could be calling out for her shift tomorrow morning.

We’ll design a customized solution for your home health or hospice agency so that you’re reached immediately with calls you deem urgent and not bothered with the non-urgent calls.

You’ve built a reputation for outstanding service with a caring staff. You promise professional, compassionate, and on-time care for your clients and patients. It’s our goal to enhance and further that reputation.

Hospice, Home Health Care and DME Answering Services

Hospice Answering Service

For hospice patients and their families, times are tough and sometimes scary. At Keener, we understand that we may be the first person a daughter talks to after they’ve realized that their mother or father has just passed away. We take that responsibility very seriously. And, we look at that call as an opportunity to show compassion in a very hard situation.

Why do I need an answering service for my home care or hospice agency? Or, for my durable medical equipment company?

No matter what kind of service or care you provide, your clients and/or patients have entrusted you with their most precious asset….their health or the health of their loved ones. Your market is mostly comprised of elderly people and they more than anyone appreciate the value of dealing with a live person who can help them in a time of need. Therefore, it’s critical that when they call your agency/company, that they talk with a live, friendly, and compassionate person who can help. At the same time, you need someone who can sift through the non-urgent calls and only reach your on-call staff with truly urgent matters. And when there is an urgent matter, that information needs to be delivered immediately and accurately. Our live 24/7 answering service can do just that.

How much will a live answering service cost my home care/hospice agency or durable medical equipment company?

All businesses are different and the cost of having an answering service depends on what you’re looking for. Our clients pay an average of $400 per month*. But, we have clients who pay less than $100 and clients who pay a lot more.

As an answering service, we basically deal in labor and therefore bill for ‘agent work time’.  So, there are two main factors that will determine your costs.  The first is your call volume.  Obviously, the more calls we take, the more it will cost.  The second factor is the scope of work.  We can simply take a message and text or email it to you or we can provide a much more comprehensive solution depending on what you’re looking for.  Learn more about the services we provide.

How do I get my calls to come to your answering service? Do I have to forward my phones to you 24/7 or just after-hours? Does Keener Communications provide a phone number for me?

Depending on the needs of your organization, you can setup your call forwarding in several ways:

  • Forward your phones to the answering service when you leave for the day so we can take all your after-hours calls.
  • Setup overflow routing with your phone service provider so that if you can’t answer your phones during the day, they route to our answering service and we can answer them for you.
  • Setup overflow routing during the day and forward directly to our answering service when you leave for the day so your clients don’t hear extra ringing before their call is answered at Keener Communications.
  • Keener can provide a toll-free and/or local number for you.
  • Keener provides an online portal to manage on-call schedules and receive messages (online portal video tutorials).

What other types of answering services might help my home health care or hospice care organization?

Some of the services we provide today were developed through back and forth question and answer sessions with clients who had a unique problem.  If you have questions about how we can help your agency/company, please ask and we may be able to develop a customized solution just for you.  Our most common services for home care/hospice agencies and durable medical equipment companies are emergency message dispatching, virtual receptionist services, and order taking. For even more information, review the services we provide.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Your patients count on you to deliver their oxygen and other DME products on time. For over 25 years, Keener has been working with DME providers to ensure that their patients are taken care of immediately by dispatching emergency calls to the correct on-call personnel.

We can dispatch different types of calls to different on-calls within your staff. For example, one person may be in charge of oxygen while another is in charge of apnea monitors. We’ll make sure that the message is dispatched to the right person!

25 Years of Home Care and Hospice Experience

We’ve been working in the home care industry for over 25 years. The experience we’ve gained over the years allows us to differentiate between urgent and non-urgent messages and when we should contact you. When non-urgent calls come in, like people seeking employment, we email your office the following morning instead of interrupting you in the middle of the day. Here’s what one of our Healthcare customers had to say about us:

“The number one thing I look at when choosing a vendor for any area of business, is service.  They have to give excellent service and be efficient.  When our patients and clients call after hours, Keener does a great job of representing our company by continuing to provide excellent and friendly service.”

– Founder & CEO, 14-location Home Health Care and Hospice Agency

Improve Productivity And Profitability

Effective communication is the difference between a home health care provider that just provides a service and one that excels at delivering optimal care solutions. To improve your ability to serve your customers and become more profitable, contact Keener Communications at 877-527-8680.


* “Month” is referring to the billing period, which is typically based on a four week billing cycle.