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The Business Phone Etiquette Guide

business phone etiquette

When answering the phone at work, you represent your business. It’s important to make sure you and your personnel are familiar with proper business phone etiquette so you create a good impression for those who call. Here, we’ll go through common business phone etiquette tips to help you improve your… Read More

Phone Answering Service Boosts Profitability For Home Health Care Providers

The home health care industry is a complex, competitive sector that hosts a wide range of providers, customers, and more. As a provider of home health care services, you are the engine that keeps the machine running. But, that doesn’t mean your company is safe from risks–no, far from it.… Read More

Financial And Legal Reasons Your Business Should Use Third Party Answering Service

Even though the internet is growing in popularity, the telephone is still the preferred method of communication for most customers and businesses. For that reason, it’s critical to ensure you’re able to handle your company’s call volumes efficiently while still being able to put the necessary efforts into providing good… Read More

Manufacturers Save Money and Improve Productivity With Employee Tracking and Phone Answering Services

When people in the manufacturing industry talk about improving productivity and cutting costs, you often hear terms like “lean manufacturing” and “Six Sigma” being thrown around. And, they’re not wrong–there are many terms and strategies like those that can have major impacts on how well manufacturers are able to operate.… Read More

Three Benefits of a Third-Party Answering Service

You and your team have worked hard to get your health care business to the point you’re at today. You’ve probably grown to see more clients than ever before–and that’s great, right? Of course more customers is a good thing for your business, but most companies actually struggle to keep… Read More

3 Tips on How to Hire the Right Answering Service Live Person

According to a consumer reports article released in January of 2010, the number two biggest gripe among American consumers is not getting a live person on the phone. Further research shows that, depending on industry, anywhere from 40-70% of first time buyers won’t call back or leave a message if… Read More