Three Benefits of a Third-Party Answering Service

You and your team have worked hard to get your health care business to the point you’re at today. You’ve probably grown to see more clients than ever before–and that’s great, right? Of course more customers is a good thing for your business, but most companies actually struggle to keep up at a certain point. Juggling customer growth with investments in more staff can prove very challenging and making the wrong decision has a noticeable impact on efficiency, customer service, and profitability.

Today, many companies are turning to independent third-party services to help relieve the pressure on their overwhelmed staff. One of the easiest services to take advantage of is a phone answering service. Independent third-party answering services can instantly help health care, providers and medical offices of any size. Here’s how:

Instantly Boost Your Efficiency (And Profitability)

A third-party answering service will take time-consuming tasks away from current employees. That means your employees will spend less time on the phone and more time keeping the office running smoothly. Third-party answering services make that possible in a couple ways:

1. Less phone time means increased productivity.

With an answering service, calls that are non-urgent will be handled differently so you can focus on urgent and important calls and the patients who are right in front of you. Utilizing a third party answering service also allows calls to be routed to the appropriate person every time. When calls go directly to the intended person, fewer people are distracted with time on the phone playing ‘traffic cop’.

2. Recorded calls provide complete, accurate call records every time.

Your staff is probably good at juggling tasks and keeping track of notes from phone calls. But, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes information from phone calls doesn’t get recorded correctly or gets lost altogether.

According to a survey by The Doctors Company, it was determined that “medical record documentation was a risk-management problem in 47% of the offices surveyed.”

Now think of the impact that could have on how your patients are treated. With an answering service, every call gets recorded so there is doubt about what transpired.

3. Enjoy the benefits of decreased liability.

Unfortunately, concerns about liability play a role in many of the systems and protocols in place for your health care office. It’s simply a part of the industry.

DID YOU KNOW: The average medical liability indemnity payment (money paid to a plaintiff) in 2010 was $331,947—an increase of 11.5% since 2001 (Medical Economics).

So, when there’s an opportunity to avoid increased liability issues, that’s something to look into! With Keener’s third-party answering service and HIPAA compliant secure messaging, we shoulder the liability of phone conversations, which keeps your practice is protected from any potential risks.

Increase Efficiency, Accuracy & Protection With A Third-Party Answering Service

If you’re searching for a way to grow your practice or you’re trying to figure out how to keep up with current growth, be sure to look at a third-party answering service as part of the solution. Keener’s customized solutions will help your office operate more efficiently, help you provide better customer service, and help to protect your company from risks.

For more information about how to get started with a third-party answering service, contact Keener Communications at 877-527-8680.

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