Manufacturers Save Money and Improve Productivity With Employee Tracking and Phone Answering Services

When people in the manufacturing industry talk about improving productivity and cutting costs, you often hear terms like “lean manufacturing” and “Six Sigma” being thrown around. And, they’re not wrong–there are many terms and strategies like those that can have major impacts on how well manufacturers are able to operate. But, there’s another angle for improving productivity and cost-saving that many businesses miss: Employee and customer relations.

More specifically, doing a better job of managing employees will lead to increased productivity and cost-savings, while improving customer communications will generate more sales and increase customer retention.

Increasing Productivity and Saving Money with Employee Tracking

In manufacturing, you depend on your employees to show up day-in and day-out. When employees are late or don’t show up at all, it can wreak havoc on your operations. That’s where employee tracking services come into play. Here’s how it works: You get a dedicated phone line for employees to call whenever they think they’ll be late or can’t make it to work. That data then gets sent to the appropriate managers so they can quickly make adjustments.

The best part is that your employees don’t even have to be frequently tardy or absent to benefit from employee tracking. According to PAYTECH Magazine, it can take 1-7 minutes for supervisors to check every timecard. Eliminating the time it takes to process timecards by hand can save up to 64 hours per person within the payroll department.

Increase sales and Customer Retention with a Phone Answering Service

Effectively manning the phone lines is one of the most challenging demands for growing manufacturing businesses. Unanswered phones could mean the difference between growing rapidly and experiencing curbed growth. By enlisting a phone answering service, you ensure that your potential customers have someone to talk to at all times and you allow your actual employees to focus on more important tasks.

But, you have voicemail set up, so you should be fine, right? Wrong! According to Salesforce, 80% of callers that are sent to voicemail, hang up. Plus, 30% of voicemail messages don’t get checked for 3 or more days and 20% of people who use voicemail will never even check it. Okay, so if you’re not supposed to rely on your voicemail then what other option is there really? Phone answering services!

These services allow a surprising amount of flexibility and customization for your phone-answering needs. You can opt for 24/7 phone answering or you can simply use it during business hours. You can even choose additional services such as the ability to send messages to certain people, choose customized scripts, and much more.

Manufacturers Can Spend Less and Produce More with Employee Tracking and Phone Answering

There’s no better time than now to make improvements to your manufacturing business. Get help managing your employees to drive productivity up and costs down with employee tracking. Meanwhile, you can work to acquire more business and keep the businesses? you get with call answering services. To learn more about both services and how to boost your manufacturing business, contact Keener Communications at 804-200-5696.

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