Financial And Legal Reasons Your Business Should Use Third Party Answering Service

Even though the internet is growing in popularity, the telephone is still the preferred method of communication for most customers and businesses. For that reason, it’s critical to ensure you’re able to handle your company’s call volumes efficiently while still being able to put the necessary efforts into providing good quality products or services. Poor phone line management can have impacts throughout your company, from customer satisfaction to operations efficiency.

Conversely, a customized phone answering service can also have major impacts on how your company operates. Depending on your industry, there are many different ways a phone answering service might help improve your business. Here are a few possibilities:

Phone Answering Services Will Improve Your Company’s Finances

For most business owners, the decision to use outsourced phone services will come down to whether or not it helps the bottom line. Luckily, there are a number of ways that phone answering services can improve your finances. The most common financial improvement is realized through the acquisition of sales that would have been lost or missed with the original phone-answering protocol. One of the main objectives with phone answering services is simply to have people available to answer the phone consistently and professionally. This provides continuity of service for customers and ensures that someone will always be there for your customers when they call on you.

Custom Phone Answering Services Can Prevent Legal Disputes

Even the most careful companies can run into unforeseen legal troubles if customers or other parties that have dealt with your company lodge complaints. The truth is, the busier you get and the more contact you have with others, the higher your risk is for running into legal issues. This is especially true for medical practices or companies that provide on-call services for customers. When you have Keener as a phone answering service provider, we help minimize your liability, decreasing your risk and allowing you to continue moving your business forward. Additionally, phone answering services help you avoid legal disputes by improving your operations and limiting mistakes made on the job. 

Phone Line Management Impacts Customer Satisfaction

It’s no surprise that customers care how their calls to businesses are managed. The experience they have on the phone has a major impact on how they perceive your business and how they proceed with using or not using your products or services. The chart below shows feedback from Consumer Reports on major customer complaints. The second most annoying issue customers faced, according to the study, was “not getting a human on the phone”.

Top Customer Service Complaints

This second chart below, also from Consumer Reports, is a “Gripe-O-Meter”, showing the top issues customers have, both on the phone and in stores, with businesses. According to the survey, not getting a human on the phone was the number one gripe–even higher than customers facing rude salespeople in stores. Other phone gripes include too many steps on the phone, long wait times, and boring hold music/messages.

Top Customer Service Complaints Scale of Annoyance

Avoid Customer Dissatisfaction And Protect Yourself Against Financial And Legal Risks With Phone Answering Services

The management of your phone lines has a major impact, not only on the operation of your business but also on the perception of your business by customers. A customized phone answering service from Keener will help you keep customers happy, while improving your bottom line and decreasing legal risks. To learn more about Keener’s customized phone answering solutions, contact us at 877-527-8680.

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