Dentists that Benefit Most from Phone Answering Services

Phone answering services provide a wide range of benefits for dental offices, including streamlined office management, reduced costs, and increased capacity for helping patients.

While any dentist could benefit from some type of answering service, it can be especially advantageous for some. In particular, these types of services yield the most benefits for specialists in the field.

Specialists and Phone Answering Services

Due to the nature of your work, as a dental specialist, you have a great deal on your plate when it comes to helping patients. You make every effort to serve those who call in with a problem or question, but there’s only so much that can be done during normal business hours.

In events when patients call after hours or during busy periods, phone answering services can help carry the load and ensure everyone receives the assistance they need as quickly as possible.

Even if dental work is not immediate, someone who calls will feel at ease, knowing their concern will be communicated promptly to a specialist who can provide the assistance they need. This is a huge benefit to specialists in the dental field.

Many specialists also rely largely on referrals from current patients or other dentists for business, so when calls come in, it’s vital to take those on as promptly and professionally as possible.

Additionally, specialists are typically able to justify the cost of phone answering services because the price points for surgeries, specialty consultations, etc. are higher than the services provided by general practice dentist. This means there’s a higher ROI for each new lead received by phone or every client who is retained by getting back to them quickly.

Here are examples of specialty dentists who benefit from phone answering services:

  • Pediatric Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Periodontists
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Specialists
  • Prosthodontists

Pediatric Dentists

Family dentists deal largely with the oral health of children who are still developing, and that requires special expertise. At any time, you might get a call from a distraught mother whose child is experiencing a toothache or who has an oral injury from a sports accident.

Making sure these types of calls are answered promptly is vital to making sure your practice can thrive, which is where phone answering services can be invaluable.


Orthodontists often rely on both call-ins and referrals for their patients, and handling incoming calls on both ends is crucial to prospering as a practice. While you may not have quite the same emergency concerns that pediatric dentists may have to handle, you will need to make sure every potential patient is helped quickly and professionally. Otherwise, the caller may decide to move on to someone else.


Treating gum disease and other ailments of the supporting structures around the teeth is something that must not be put off, but if you aren’t able to help the people calling in, their condition may grow worse.

Periodontists often handle referrals from general dentists, and taking those calls is vital to making sure they have patients coming into the office. With phone answering services for your periodontal office, more people can be helped over the course of any given day.

Oral and Maxillofacial Specialists

Whether you deal in pathology, radiology, or surgery, as an oral and maxillofacial specialists, you rely heavily on referrals. Dentists will refer patients to you because they trust your expertise, but the office needs to be able to handle the incoming calls in order to truly help these patients.

On the part of those being referred to your office, they want to be sure they can trust you, and having a live professional on the line to answer their questions and help with their concerns will help them to do that.


If someone’s dentures don’t quite fit or their veneers fail, they call their prosthodontist. The need to provide a quick response to these calls is vital to keeping patients and maintaining their trust, so phone answering services can help tremendously during those times when you might otherwise be unable to handle a call yourself.

Benefits of Answering Services for Dentists

One of the main benefits of answering services is providing a “human” experience for people calling your office. If someone is experiencing pain, the last thing they want is to be left on the line with no answer or be greeted by voicemail. Whenever this happens, you can be certain they’ll look elsewhere for relief.

On the other hand, if someone answers and listens to their concerns, their trust for you increases, even if the person answering cannot provide immediate relief. They know that someone has noted their concerns and that you’ll be notified as quickly as possible. When combined with emergency dispatching, this can be an invaluable tool in aiding those who have an urgent dental need.

Benefits come further in your office’s increased ability to take on referrals. Most specialists’ offices run on a smaller scale staff without much room for in-house expansion of their phone capacity. They may receive more calls from referrals than they can handle, which constitutes lost opportunities for more business.

By enlisting the services of a phone answering service, you’ll expand your business without having to make extra hires or add equipment to the office. It’s a streamlined way to take on more referrals and patients without taking resources away from actually treating them.

Types of Dental Phone Answering Services

Phone answering services involve much more than simply taking on extra phone traffic or answering calls to your line after hours, as massively helpful as those functions can be.

There are additional services that benefit specialists offices, from emergency message dispatching to appointment reminder services.

Emergency Message Dispatching

When someone calls your office after hours with an urgent need, you will need to be contacted promptly if they are to be helped. Emergency message dispatching services ensure you are notified quickly—and repeatedly by different means if necessary—to see to every emergency.

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Appointment Setting

Successful dental offices have busy schedules, and phone answering services can include appointment setting to make sure your days are as productive as possible. Your schedule is updated promptly whenever someone calls to set an appointment or to cancel.

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Appointment Reminders

Sometimes, patients forget their appointments. Making sure they come in—and that you don’t have unused downtime during the day—is the primary purpose of appointment reminder services. You are able to reach out and make sure people know when to come in without having to hire on extra staff or overburden your secretary.

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