Virtual Receptionist

Let Keener’s Virtual Receptionist Service Answer Your Calls!

Our virtual receptionist service is a way for you to provide a live professional answer to your callers while keeping your overhead low!

Hiring a receptionist to answer your phones has drawbacks.  By hiring Keener Communications, you get all the benefits of having a live person answer the phone, but without the drawbacks of taking on an employee.

Benefits to Keener’s Virtual Receptionist Vs. Hiring an Employee

  • It’s less costly.
  • You get a tax deductible expense instead of payroll taxes.
  • Great service 24X7 (not just when that person is working) – plus, we don’t take breaks, call out sick, or check Facebook.
  • We can handle multiple calls at the same time without sacrificing service by placing callers on hold.
  • You don’t have to deal with the headaches of managing another person!

We can transfer calls directly through to you and your staff or if you’re not available, take a message and deliver it via text message or email.  The goal of our virtual receptionist service is to be an extension of your company and make a strong impression on your clients and callers.

Virtual Receptionist FAQ

Q:  Does virtual receptionist mean that my calls won’t be answered live?
A:  No.  Virtual receptionist means that instead of hiring a receptionist to work in your office, you can utilize our virtual receptionist service to answer your calls with a live person, then either transfer the calls directly to you or your staff or take a message and email/or text the message to you.