24/7 Call Center & Phone Answering After Hours

If the volume of incoming calls you get during the day has left you wishing you had more time to work with, we have a solution for you. A phone answering service can handle a significant portion of that burden by answering incoming calls for you, whether you need extra help with volume during the day or simply someone to answer the phone after hours.

At Keener Communications, we offer a variety of phone answering services, including 24/7 answering services, after hours answering, and overflow call services. Our solutions can be easily scaled and adapted to fit your specific needs, allowing you to take full advantage of the incoming phone traffic you get during all hours of the day.

Choose The Right Phone Answering Services For Your Business

There are a number of different types of phone answering services, each of which will be handled by professionals who are on the line 24/7. The services we offer include:

  • After hours answering services: This acts as an extension of your usual workday. Rather than limit your availability to standard business hours, you can have us take calls on your behalf, allowing you to benefit from phone traffic that you would normally miss. Where needed, we can discern between emergency calls and non-emergencies and notify you accordingly.
  • Call overflow: Aside from incoming calls after hours, you may also have more traffic than you can effectively handle during the day. Call overflow services allow you to serve customers who you normally wouldn’t be able to help with your usual staff.
  • 24/7/365 answering services: These services can improve the efficiency of your business by reducing interruptions during the day and allowing you to streamline your own phone staff. Simply reroute your calls to us, and we’ll answer and dispatch them accordingly.

By forwarding your calls to our 24/7 call centers, you free up space for yourself to be more productive during the day as your personnel take only those calls that are most important.

Get More Done With Phone Answering Services

These phone answering services have a number of applications, including the following that can greatly benefit your business.

Turn excess calls into excess revenue

If you’re like most businesses, you probably wish there were more hours in the day. Overflow call answering services enable you to manage the extra traffic that comes in by effectively increasing your capacity. This allows you to help more customers than you normally would be able to, all while sifting out frivolous calls that benefit no one.

Improve business continuity

It can be as simple as a power outage or as severe as a flood, but the effect is largely the same—your business will lose money due to lapses in operations during those hours. But 24-hour answering services can prevent those losses by handling calls during those hours from a remote location. This makes it a valuable part of a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, allowing you to continue on while other companies are offline.

Identify & accept emergency calls quicker

Emergencies don’t adhere to normal business hours, and if your clients need you for an emergency then you will likely want to be there for it. By allowing us to take your after-hours calls, we can determine whether a call constitutes an emergency and notify you accordingly. You can then give your customers the help they desperately need when they need it and not deal with non-emergency calls in the process.

Boost sales

The ultimate goal of our services is to help you grow your business and increase revenue. The more customers you are able to serve, the more customer loyalty and retention will increase and the higher your sales will grow. In addition, our services effectively sift out nonsense or frivolous calls, allowing your personnel to focus on what’s most important.

Whether it’s part of an overall strategy to improve workplace efficiency or as a way to handle emergencies, Keener Communications can meet your business’s phone call needs.

Benefits Of Phone Answering Services

The 24/7 telephone answering services we provide will afford you numerous benefits, both due to the nature of the services themselves as well as the professional way in which we handle them. These benefits include:

  • Live professionals available to take calls all day, every day, year round (as needed)
  • Purely stateside call centers—we’re strictly in the United States with no overseas centers
  • Adjustable capacity, either through our own call centers or those of our trusted partners
  • Receive messages through email, fax, text, or even pager as you prefer
  • A secure website that you can use to check messages, which we will notify you about
  • Option to have messages sent to multiple parties, depending on your business needs
  • HIPAA-compliant messaging application that is fully secure and approved
  • Dedicated representatives or even entire call centers, adjustable according to your business needs, the extent of the answering services you opt for, and your industry
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) that allows us to identify a call with your company
  • Customizable answer phrases that our reps will use to indicate your business to callers
  • Time- or day-sensitive procedures, enabling you to have calls answered in a different way based on the day or time
  • Customizable services that meet your specific needs, whether you need a 24/7 service or just overflow and after-hours services
  • Increased ROI through improved customer engagement and retention
  • Smoother business continuity and disaster recovery
  • High-quality services by professionals who act as part of your business
  • Customized call dispatching, allowing you to get calls precisely where they need to as quickly as possible.

Start Taking Advantage Of Phone Answering Services

The core benefits of telephone answering services are available to all businesses, regardless of the scale or type of services they opt for. At Keener Communications, we’re both professional and flexible, enabling you to get exactly the services you need to keep your business moving forward. To start handling a greater volume of incoming calls, contact Keener Communications today for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 24X7 Telephone Answering

Q:  Do you have people who answer the phones ALL the time?
A:  Yes.  Keener Communications has live professionals ready to take your calls 24X7X365.

Q:  Are your call center agents in the United States or overseas?
A:  All of our call center agents are located in the United States.

Q:  What kind of call volume can you handle?
A:  We answer thousands of calls per day and can ramp up to meet your needs.  If we can’t handle all of the calls, we have a network of trusted partners throughout the country who can help share the load.

Q:  Will I have dedicated answering service reps for my business?
A:  We can provide dedicated call center and/or answering service representatives for your business.

Q:  How will I receive my messages?
A:  There are several ways for you to receive your messages.  The most common way of message dispatching is via text message.  You can also have messages emailed to you, faxed to you, or paged to you.  We can send you a notification so you can check your messages on a secure website.  We can also provide you with a HIPAA approved secure messaging application for your smart phone.

Q:  How do your answering service reps know that the call is for my business?
A:  You will be assigned a DID (direct inward dial) number to forward your calls to.  Your account will be associated with that DID so that any time a call comes in to that DID, we’ll answer using your business name.

Q:  How do your agents answer the phone?
A:  You can have a customized answer phrase, but our standard answer phrase is “Thank you for calling ______________.  My name is _________.  How may I help you?”

Q:  Do I need to forward ALL my calls to you or can you just provide overflow and after-hours answering services?
A:  We can provide 24X7 telephone answering services for you or we can work with you to setup your phone forwarding scenario so that we only get your overflow and after-hours calls.

Q:  Can you follow different directions depending on time of day?
A:  Yes.  We have time-sensitive message slips and can answer your calls and dispatch your messages differently depending on the time of day or day of week.

Q:  Can multiple people be copied on the messages that you send?
A:  Yes.  We can text and/or email as many people as you would like.