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Improved Communication for a Stress-Free On-Call System

When it comes to medical offices, communication is the key to success. But, the ability to communicate effectively with patients is only part of the solution. You also need prompt internal communication and protocols to ensure that your on-call doctors handle any situation thrown their way. With Keener, you get assistance from reliable people who have years of experience in the industry–people you can count on. Here’s what separates us from everyone else:

Get accurate phone records every time.

Your on-call doctor is busy and hunting down information because of careless mistakes only makes his/her job harder. For more than three decades, hundreds of medical practices and their on-call doctors have trusted Keener to get them accurate information to help them get the job done.

Stop worrying about liability.

Keener Communications is fully HIPAA compliant and we document everything! If there is ever a question about a call or message, we’ll track it down and get to the bottom of it.

Reduce wasted patient and procedure preparation costs.

It’s expensive to prepare for an appointment only to have it fall through due to rescheduling or employee absence. Keener can help you avoid those costs through efficient communication protocols that allow you to replace appointments or avoid the preparation efforts.

One size DOES NOT fit all.

Don’t be fooled by providers who claim to have a one-size-fits-all service that will work for you. Instead, take advantage of our flexible and customizable solutions so that you get the specific services you need to improve your business and none of the services you don’t need.

We’re HIPAA compliant.

Our services have been designed to work within HIPAA regulations so that you don’t have to jump through the HIPAA hoops to get the services you need.

Get all the calls you want and none of the calls you don’t.

With the amount of phone calls your practice receives every day, it’s easy for your on-call staff to get tied up on the phone. But, our experts understand how to differentiate emergency calls from non-emergency calls and how to get messages to the right people who need them.

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Learn More About How Phone Answering Services Can Help Your Practice

Take Better Care of Your Patients With Our Medical Answering Service

If your patients are calling your office after hours, it’s because they have an urgent need. It’s critical that their call is answered quickly and they are directed to the correct on-call doctor immediately so their issue is addressed as soon as possible. We can provide you with screening tools to ensure that your on-call doctors are only reached with legitimate emergencies. With HIPAA compliant secure messaging, your providers can receive all the detailed information they need and can even communicate back to our agents via text so they don’t have to waste time calling us if they don’t want to.

“Our practice had numerous problems with the previous answering service.  Since changing over to Keener Communications over 10 years ago, we have had smooth operations.  I would heartily recommend Keener to any physician group.” – Practice Administrator,26-doctor specialty practice, Richmond, VA

Common Questions About Medical Practice Answering Services

Why do I need an answering service for my medical practice?

Having an answering service for your medical practice is critical. If patients are going directly to the on-call doctor, then he or she is going to be overwhelmed with calls and most of them could have waited until the office reopened. Forcing your patients to leave a message on a voicemail machine is simply bad service. Customers hate talking to a machine. They like dealing with people. And your patients are your customers. We can set up a voicemail front to screen out non-emergency calls or our live agents can screen them. You and/or your doctors will only be reached with truly urgent calls.

How does the call forwarding and answering service work?

Depending on the needs of your business, you can setup your call forwarding in several ways:

  1. Forward your phones to the answering service when you leave for the day so we can take all your after-hours calls.
  2. Setup overflow routing with your phone service provider so that if you can’t answer your phones during the day, they route to our answering service and we can answer them for you.
  3. Setup overflow routing during the day and forward directly to our answering service when you leave for the day so your clients don’t hear extra ringing before their call is answered at Keener Communications.
  4. Keener can provide a toll-free and/or local number for you?

How much will I pay for you live 24X7 answering service?

All medical practices are different and the cost of having an answering service depends on what you’re looking for. Our clients pay an average of $400 per month*. But, we have clients who pay less than $100 and clients who pay a lot more. Complete our no-hassle quote request form to get an accurate cost estimate for your medical practice. As an answering service, we basically deal in labor and therefore bill for ‘agent work time’. So, there are two main factors that will determine your costs. The first is your call volume. Obviously, the more calls we take, the more it will cost. The second factor is the scope of work. We can simply take a message and text it to you or we can provide a much more comprehensive solution depending on what you’re looking for. We encourage all of our medical practices to use our HIPAA compliant Secure Messaging application, so we can send you PHI.

What other types of answering services might help my medical practice?

Some of the services we provide today were developed through back and forth question and answer sessions with clients who had a unique problem. If you have questions about how we can help your practice, please ask and we may be able to develop a customized solution just for you. Our most common services for medical practices are emergency message dispatching, appointment setting, and appointment reminders.

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* “Month” is referring to the billing period, which is typically based on a four week billing cycle.